Almost Real Life / Als wärs das wahre Leben/ Als het leven zelf
2003: documentary, colour, video, 66 min. (DVD available)

Both onstage and backstage, director Rosemarie Blank filmed the actors of Ramba Zamba, a Berlin theatre company for mentally disabled people. Behind the scenes, too, the actors are usually dressed for their parts. This blurs the boundaries between their personal reality and their role. What happens in the dressing room appears just as theatrical as the performances themselves - contemporary versions of classic tragedies like Medea and Orpheus. Modern drama, with sparse music and bare, abstract settings. The rehearsals and performances are emotion-ridden; a lot of crying, comforting, professing of love and quarrelling goes on. The actors often speak a language, which is hard to understand for outsiders, but amongst themselves they understand each other perfectly. These actors live in their own world, as if on another planet.

Director: Rosemarie Blank
Production: Casafilm, Rosemarie Blank
Script: Rosemarie Blank
Photography: Rosemarie Blank, Martin Gressmann, Martin Hansen
Editing: Rosemarie Blank, Jan Wouter van Reijen
Sound: Rosemarie Blank, Martin Gressmann, Martin Hansen
Sound mixing: Jac Vleeshouwers
Music: Jacob Höhne, Bianca Taenzer
TV: Kunstkanaal Amsterdam
Release: IDFA Amsterdam, Distribution: Filmbank Amsterdam

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