La terra in due / Divided earth / Geteilte Erde
1985: documentary, black & white and colour, 16 mm, 80 min

Trailer, Vimeo

La terra in due means the earth of the landlords versus that of the peasants who actually cultivate it. This film uses evocative photogrphy and a dignified rhythm to depict the death of peasant culture. This fact is brought home by the super 8 footage shot ten years earlier. Blank's familiarity with the villagers and their unsselfconsciousness in front of the camera produce a high degree of authenticity in this account of culture of the 'mezzadria'. (Berlinale / Panorama)

Director: Rosemarie Blank
Production: Casafilm, Rosemarie Blank
Script: Rosemarie Blank
Photography: Ali Reza Movahed
Editing: Jan Dop & Rosemarie Blank
Sound: Karl Baumgartner
Music: Oliviero & Rosana Barbanera
Release: International Filmfestival Rotterdam, Berlinale Panorama
Distribution: Filmmuseum Amsterdam

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