Now Boarding
2001: fiction, colour, 35 mm, 15 min.

A man and a woman miss their plane to London. Next, they wait in the cold-blue, almost deserted airport, wondering if it might be better to go to Berlin by train. Gradually, it becomes clear that their relationship is under pressure. They are not only waiting for their flight, but also for their affair to end.

Director: Rosemarie Blank
Production: Casafilm, Rosemarie Blank
Script: Rosemarie Blank
Photography: Jan Wouter van Reijen
Editing: Rosemarie Blank
Sound: Sam Simons
Soundmixing: Mark Dubbeldam
Cast: Kader Abdolah, Chaim Levano, Bert Luppes, Nicole Ohliger
Release: International Filmfestival Rotterdam
TV: Kunstkanaal Amsterdam
Distribution: Filmmuseum Amsterdam

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