The Ants / Die Ameisen / De Mieren
1987: fiction, black and white, 16 mm, 30 min (DVD available)

Trailer, Vimeo

"The film traces the feelings of an woman living in a peasant's house in Italy. She tries to establish a rhythm through every day routines such as eating, sleeping and washing. We see one of here childhood memories-an Alsatian dog licks a girl's heel and rests its head between her legs- and a dream, in which she is standing naked I a pit which could be a grave. In addition we see a magnified symbolic version of her surroundings, particularly of insects. Shots of windows, doors and mirrors convey a sense of menace and introspection. Thanks to measured performance by Marion van Wijk, superb lighting, black and white photography and well balanced editing. The Ants is a highly compelling and evocative film." (Alex de Ronde)

Director: Rosemarie Blank
Production: Frans van de Staak
Script: Rosemarie Blank
Photography: Rosemarie Blank, Bernd Wouthuysen
Editing: Rosemarie Blank
Sound: Piotr van Dijk
Soundmixing: Piotr van Dijk
Music: Marco Stroppa
Release: International Filmfestival Rotterdam
Distribution: Filmmuseum Amsterdam & Equus Filmverleih Hamburg

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