The Comedians / Die Komödianten / De Komedianten
2004: video-installation on 3 monitors, colour, 29 min (DVD available)

Three films are simultaneously screened on three monitors, or projected on three canvasses. The video- installation is based on my film Almost Real Life (2003). During the process of editing Itried to play with the changing constellation of images presented on three monitors exploiting it to heighten the central theme: “playact or real life”. For instance: Moritz is waiting on the subway-platform. He doesn't know which of the arriving trains is the right one. The simultaneous movement of riding trains invites us not only to play with visual effects, but also create the perfect illusion that Moritz seems to be threatened by trains. The pictures on the three monitors lend themselves not only for experiments with illusion of space and action, but also with the simultaneity of different perspectives.

Realisation: Rosemarie Blank
Camera & sound: Martin Gressmann & Martin Hansen & Rosemarie Blank & Jan Wouter van Reijen
Editing: Rosemarie Blank
Music: Jacob Höhne
Cast: the actors of Berlin's Ramba Zamba theatre company
Production: Casafilm, Rosemarie Blank with the support of 'Hauptstadtkulturfonds Berlin'
Release: august 2004, RAMBA ZAMBA theatre / Berlin and Freibank Gallery Fürth / Germany.

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